Home Security Systems Alternatives

Whether with new wireless monitoring systems or more traditional wires over doorways, home security systems can be expensive. Many people go with out instead of spending the money they don’t have in this down turning economy. One way to provide yourself and your family protecting while still keeping your pocket intact is to make your own home security system which can be made with a few simple items, instructions and tips in ways to safeguard your home.

Keep your yard and house well lit at night; this greatly discourages anyone from trying to break in. Install a flood light to keep a well lit front lawn area and think about also getting some motion detective lights that will go on when they detect anyone moving in your yard area. This is also a practical tip as it helps you to see when you are going outside at night or returning from a shopping trip or etcetera after dark and need to unlock your door. It is also a much better option than hunting around with the flashlight in the dark if you loose something.

A fence can do wonders to keep burglars away and make sure it is secure. The taller and studier the better and make sure you have a locked gate at all time. Also post on your fence, home and garage warnings that your place is protected by security or a guard dog. Post this even if you have no dog as most people attempting to break in are not going to check to see they will generally try to avoid your place if they think it has a large watch dog or a heavy security system. These stickers are very inexpensive and go a long way in safeguarding your property.

Make it as difficult as possible to reach your front door by having alarms outside the perimeter of your property. Such things as driveway alarms can be very useful in deterring burglars or even unwanted sales people and will always keep you informed if anyone is walking up your drive. Also do not advertise valuables near the windows of your home, you are just asking for a salivating criminal to steal your goods. Instead keep the things that are worth a lot of money out of sight or in a safe if possible.

Another way to keep yourself informed is by installing peep holes in your door. Never feel silly for not opening the doors to strangers. As many burglars use this technique to gain access to your home to rob it when you are still there or under false pretenses to case your home out and see what you have inside. And always look and ask who someone is before responding to them, this will also help you keep sales people at bay. When they say who they are simply respond you are not interested and they are far more likely to leave to a closed door than an open one.