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Home security installation can be a rather complicated and difficult task depending on the security system you wish to install. There are many types of security systems available on the market, and all vary drastically in the way they are set up.

Typically, the more advanced and expensive the surveillance system is, the harder it will be to setup. Therefore, most advanced security systems will require a professional home security company, like ADT for example, to install them. Fortunately, many such companies offer to install these systems free of charge, provided you purchase it from them directly. In addition, a lot of security companies also offer free first advice service which includes a thorough analysis of your residence and neighborhood, upon which a recommendation of a system, that will be most effective for your premises, is made.

However, elaborate security systems are not always necessary. There are many simple, cost-effective solutions that perform just as well if your residence is not at a particularly high risk of burglary or other threats. Feel free to take a look at our home security systems reviews to get a better idea of the solutions available. Let’s take a look at the main two home security system types that lend themselves to discussion when it comes to home security installation.

Home Security Installation – Wireless vs. Wired

The crux of home security installation difficulty lies in the selection of wireless systems or wired home security systems. Wireless systems, depending on the level of sophistication, are often sold as DIY solutions. Almost all of the parts in such packages are completely wireless and are relatively easy to install. Such packages can include components like: wireless alarm systems, wireless security cameras, wireless motion sensors, wireless intruder-detection sensors, wireless glass break sensors and other devices. Normally, wireless home security installation can be performed without the help of any professional security company. There are many extensive videos on youtube that cover a whole range of installation scenarios that you may come across, and the instructions provided with these packages are also fairly straightforward themselves.

Wired home security installation, on the other hand, is a very problematical endeavor, and one that nearly always requires the involvement of a home security company. These systems involve a lot of very complicated wiring, that requires expert knowledge to setup properly.

Both system types have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to effectiveness and reliability. It is generally considered that wired home security systems are more reliable than wireless. That is not to say that wireless systems are unreliable, but in certain rare scenarios they have proven to be less dependable than their counterpart. For example, heavy lightning storms can sometimes disrupt the signal from the wireless components. Another thing to keep in mind is that wireless security components are often powered by batteries, so you need monitor their levels to prevent a component going offline at an inconvenient moment. Fortunately, most wireless systems nowadays have a built-in battery monitoring sensor that notifies you when the battery is running low.

It is our opinion that high-end wired systems are only necessary for very large homes with a lot of ground to cover or houses that are particularly at risk for burglaries and other threats. In any other cases, wireless systems will perform just as well as their wired cousins in both quality and reliability.

Should you decide that you still want to invest in a wired system installation, then there is a solution home security installationavailable that can potentially save you a lot of money and headache. If you shop around, you can find many security components that have a dual-connect feature. This feature allows you to install the devices either wirelessly or wired. This means you can initially setup your security system wirelessly, which will save you a lot of time and money, and should you decide to change to a wired system sometime in the future, you will not need to start from scratch. This is great because it allows you to test the easier and cheaper wireless alternative first, before investing into a wired home security installation should you deem it necessary.

Home Security Installation – Conclusion

As you can see, the difficulty and cost of home security installation is largely determined by your decision to go wireless or wired. With a little common sense and knowledge of your neighborhood, you should be able to make a fairly accurate risk assessment to your property. Based on this assessment, you should be able to decide how extensive you want your security system to be. It also never hurts to make use of the free initial advice offered by many professional home security companies in order to get a more informed opinion. However, take their advice with a grain of salt as it is always in their best interest to sell you the most expensive solution they can. Finally, dual-connect sensors are a great solution if you are undecided on which home security installation type to go with.