Getting the Damages You Deserve Following a Car Accident.

A serious car accident can have a major impact on a person’s life, especially financially. Not only can the negligence of another driver land you in the hospital, leaving you with a pile of medical bills and a cabinet full of pain killers, it also messes with a person emotionally as well.Often overlooked, the mental aspect of a car accident can have far greater, and longer lasting effects on a victim than the physical injuries suffered in the accident. Victims are often left with a memory scarred with the details of the car wreck, which can often cause one to fear driving altogether.
It’s often difficult to explain the internal emotional struggles that car accident victims experienced, and each case and victim is different. But, anyone who has experienced a traumatic event knows that the emotional scars often remain long after the physical scars are healed. Indeed, the internal emotional battles victims face after a car accident can be the most difficult to overcome.

For example:

Many victims are afraid of driving again following a car wreck. Accidents involving gross negligence, or criminal actions such as DWI or hit and run accidents, may cause you to be angry and distrustful of others. You may become an introvert after months of therapy or inactivity during your recovery from a serious automobile accident. You may no longer enjoy the hobbies and activities that once made you happy.

While others may not understand the emotional toll this accident has taken on you, you do have the right to request additional compensation for this pain and suffering.

Texas state law allows victims to recover compensation for damages both for their actual expenses (such as medical bills) and for their non-economic damages, which usually includes some set amount for what are called pain and suffering damages.

The idea behind pain and suffering compensation is to give victims the sense that their pain has not gone unnoticed. Nothing can undo the suffering a car accident victim has had to endure, but at the very least the person responsible for your injuries can be required to pay you a little something extra for it.

When you’ve been the victim of serious injury due to someone else’s carelessness, you deserve to be well compensated for your pain and suffering. To make sure you get the full amount you deserve, contact an auto accident attorney in San Antonio who can help you protect your rights, and received fair compensation for you pain, suffering, and injuries.