I ended up in this marriage due to a mistake. I met this girl when I was living with my grandmother in Arizona, when I was twenty six years old. When I moved back to Montana, the girl ended up calling me a month after I moved. She as pregnant. My parents are very traditional, my father pushed me to marry her and provide our child with a proper family.

However, it might have been a mistake to get married. I do not regret the two beautiful children that I have with her. My daughter and son mean the world to me, and I am blessed to have them. But, my marriage was a mess. My wife and I are not a match. We have different opinions of how we do things. We have both grown up in very different households with different values. It have been a struggle for the past nine years. In the past three years, we have been separated and trying to get this divorce final. Unfortunately, I need to find a new divorce attorney to help me out. My original divorce attorney helped during the separation, but now that it has become a little too complicated, I need to find someone who is really specialized in divorce law, with my young children involved.

I need a divorce lawyer to help me out of this situation. I know this will be hard to accomplish but it will be best for me and the kids in the long run.