Get great Quotes on 1 Week Car Insurance online

When you drive a vehicle year round you need to be insured, but as we all know buying insurance can be extremely costly. In some cases you may only need the use of a vehicle for a short time and when that’s the case it’s cost effective to buy 1 week car insurance rather than taking out a policy for a year.

What is weekly car insurance?

One week car insurance works in the same way as an annual policy but there are generally more restrictions placed on who can take out a policy. If you take out insurance for one week you’ll still be legal on the road and protect yourself from things like being crashed into by other drivers or a break down.

Why do I need one week car insurance?

There are lots of reasons why you might need a car insured for just a week. If you have family from overseas visiting and they need a vehicle to drive while they’re here one week insurance could be for you.

Perhaps you are moving house and need to hire a van for a few days, or you could be borrowing someone else’s vehicle for a short time whilst you wait for a new car to arrive. The insurance on your present vehicle could have run out but you’re not planning to keep it for another year.

Whatever your reasons are, 30 day car insurance can be a much more cost effective option than unnecessarily taking out a policy for a whole year.

What restrictions are placed on one week car insurance?

In general you’re unlikely to be able to get one week car insurance of you are aged under 25, if you have points on your license or have committed driving offences, or if you’ve made insurance claims on vehicles before.

However, there are always exceptions to this rule so if you do fall into any of these categories it’s always worth shopping around to see if you can find a company that will insure you.

Where can I find 1 week car insurance?

If you need to be insured for one week or less then you can opt to look for a normal insurance company or a specialist providers that only deals in temporary insurance. In many cases a specialist provider will be able to offer you a better deal but shop around to find the cheapest policy.

To get a clear picture of everything that’s on offer use price comparison websites to find deals. When using a price comparison site make sure you enter all your information correctly or you won’t get an accurate quote.

If you have an existing policy it’s worthwhile approaching your current insurer to see what deals they can offer you as you may be offered a discount on temporary insurance if you already pay for an annual policy.

Whichever provider you choose make sure you know exactly what the requirements of the policy are. For example you may be required to park your vehicle off the road or in a garage at night so if your car is stolen and it wasn’t parked where you said it would be you could make your policy void.