GE Home Security Systems Review

GE Home Security Systems – Lots Of Choices

The GE home security systems seemed to have been designed with an eye towards offering something for everyone. There are five main products named Simon, Concord, NetworX, Advent and Allegro that include a variety of features designed to meet home and apartment security needs.

General Electric was actually started in 1890 by Thomas Edison and was called the Thomas Edison GE Company. After only two years of operation, the original company merged with the Thomas-Houston Co. and became General Electric.

Since then the company has developed a host of products in the lighting, appliance, power transmission, oil and gas, and home security system markets to name just a few.
Incorporates High-End Technology

General Electric has always been on the cutting edge of technological advancements and it shows in the products offered for home security.

For example, the Allegro GE home security system is designed specifically for apartments and condos. Smaller homes can benefit by using this product also. The control panel can manage up to 20 zones so one system can secure 20 apartments or condos.

The Simon XT has proven to be one of the more popular systems. This is a wireless security system that is affordable but comes with a number of features right out of the box.

It has several state-of-the art features like Voice Event Notification which is a system auto-dialer that can dial any phone number and not just a 24-hour monitoring system.

In fact, some people forgo the 24-hour service and program the system to call a work number or cell phone, for example, meaning they self-monitor the system. When the system is triggered, it calls the programmed phone number and leaves a message.

There are many other nice features like the ability to call in to the system from a remote location. There is a latchkey option too which notifies a parent when a child uses his or her security code. The GE Simon XT can handle 40 zones.

The GE Concord is a basic home security system but it still has many nice features. This is a burglary and fire detection system that can handle as many as 104 zones and uses a combination of hardwire and wireless operations.

There are 8 built-in hardwire zones and 96 wireless zones. This system also has the latchkey paging option. The basic package includes 5 door and window sensors.

There are several choices among the GE Security Pro NetWorX Systems products. The most basic system, the GE Security Pro 400 NetworX System, includes 4 programmable zones and the same hardwire/wireless combination found in the Concord.

As the product choices get more sophisticated they include additional features. For example, the GE Home Security Pro 600 includes 6 programmable zones, 2-way voice, and the ability to expand wireless zones up to 16 additional.

Moving up the NetworX product line, there is the GE Security Pro 800 with 48 zones and intrusion, fire and environmental monitoring.

This unit also has wireless expansion capability. The GE Security Pro 801 NetworX system has comprehensive monitoring features plus 192 zones. There are hardwired and wireless security systems available for apartments and condominiums also.

Technologically speaking, the GE Security Pro 7000 System is the ultimate state of the art unit. It’s a loaded system with burglar, fire, and environmental monitoring.

It can be enhanced with additional features like internet security monitoring and home automation integration, scheduling flexibility, event history recording, latchkey paging and much more. There are 96 wireless or hardwire zones with a 2,300’ open-air range.

The Advent system was designed for large homes. This is a powerful system with home automation integration and an 800 word vocabulary. In addition to burglar, fire and environmental controls, the Advent system offers light control, telephone control, audio verification and much more.
Expands As Needs Change

General Electric offers one of the largest product choices in home security systems. You can install everything from a basic burglar and fire alarm system to a sophisticated system that uses state-of-the-art technology.

Consumer reviews indicate the units are high quality and reliable. Most systems should be professionally installed but there is a do-it-yourself option available also.

Components like surveillance cameras, additional door and window sensors, sirens and much more can be added to enhance the systems as your needs change.