Fire alarm systems manufacturers

In the past, fire alarms were standalone devices that used up bunch of batteries and would beep upon detecting smoke of any kind. Be it cigarette smoke or the oven burning up your Thanksgiving Turkey, a fire alarm only alerted inhabitants of the house.

What about when no one is around?

Who is going to respond to the fire alert?

Unfortunately, your average supermarket grade cheap fire alarm is not going to save the house if you are not present in it. This marks the entry of modern day smoke and fire detectors that are connected to a home security system.

Such a modern age fire alarm not only beeps upon detecting smoke but also sends a signal to the central console that then alerts the owner and the central monitoring station simultaneously. The end result is a coordinated effort, which can make all the difference between life and death. Imagine, yourself sound asleep in your bedroom, predisposed by heavy medication while the living room electrical circuits catch on fire. If you can’t get up to the alarm then who will come in and save the day? Who is going to call in the fire department? Today’s home security system connected fire alarm does this and much more. Here is a short summary of all the benefits a fire alarm provides if its a central part of a home security module.

24/7 Connectivity

It does not matter whether you are home or away vacationing in the Greek archipelago. When your home’s fire alarm detects smoke or even electrical fumes developing within the walls, it sends out a distress signal to the central monitoring station, who in turn promptly get in touch with you and the fire department. You will be able to take timely action, call in neighbours to investigate or a friend to take care of the situation.

Detects More Than Just External Smoke

Smoke detectors were the first generation of fire alarms. Today a fire alarm is an integral part of the home security system and it detects more than just your cigarette smoke or a fuming oven. Better known as smoke and heat detectors, a modern day fire alarm will even sense changes in temperature within the wall, near electrical openings and decide whether it is natural or unwanted. Heat sensing lets it prevent possible fires, alerting the owner to the developing situation before it gets any worse.

Centrally Controlled

Being connected with the control panel or the central console that takes care of all the motion detectors, door and window alarms and other detectors in the house, a fire alarm as a part of a complete home security system can be managed from the LCD screen of the control panel. Wish to change the beep intensity, increase the beep duration or even alter its functions? Everything is available at the touch of a finger from the central control panel.

High Accuracy And Prompt Reactions

A fire alarm that has direct access to an intelligent central console will always have more brains. Unlike fire alarms of past that would beep incessantly with the whiff of cooking smoke, today’s home security system smoke detectors can differentiate between cigarette smoke, fire smoke and cooking exhaust. Furthermore, the console provides it with more promptness in response. The time taken between an alarm raised till the fire department arrives because of the intervention of a central monitoring station is hardly 15 to 20 minutes.