Finding a Pro Bono Divorce Lawyer and Other Free Divorce Resources

Many individuals may have the misconception that bringing a lawyer in a divorce proceeding causes more harm than good. This could be farther from the truth. Even if a couple decides mutually to split and hold a civil divorce proceeding, the fact is that emotions usually boil over, and both parties may act in ways they regret afterward.

Many individuals also, do not pay keen attention to factors like custody or asset management after all the documents are signed and sealed. This is when conflicting views begin to arise.

When divorces are handled through an attorney, here’s what most couples can benefit from:

No Interaction – communication is limited and this can be a good thing to get over the emotions that are heightened during a divorce. Most counselors even warn that communication should only be done in cases when children are involved. There are also protocols that can be read to avoid making costly mistakes.

The Courts Decide – on who gets what or when, instead of conflicts being escalated to physical violence. Not everyone can keep their tempers under control in such turbulent circumstances. As such, be sure to ask a lawyer how assets will be split, and the visitation rights of parents to their children.

If you do decide on a civil divorce, and feel as though all can be settled without the help of a divorce attorney, this can save you money on legal fees. It’s up to each couple to decide what works best for each involved.