Find Quotes for Modified Car Insurance

This is because statistically, drivers of modified cars have more accidents and the knocks they do have cost more to repair than they would on an ordinary car.

If you want get modified or high performance car insurance but you don’t want it to cost the earth then read these tips about how to get the best insurance deal.

What is a modified car?

Your car will have been built to factory specifications so if you change any of those things then your car will be classed as modified. This can include simple things like getting a respray or changing the seats, up to upgrading the engine.

Improving your car’s looks

If you make changes to the appearance of your car that don’t affect its performance you could still be penalised for this when you try to insure. That’s because your car will be a more attractive prospect to thieves and the modifications you’ve made will cost more to replace than ordinary parts if you have an accident.

In some cases you can offset the insurance costs of modification by adding more security features to your vehicle and making sure that it’s parked safely off the road at night.

Getting performance car insurance

If you make changes to your car that improve the performance of the engine and make your car faster, you can expect to pay a premium when it comes to insuring, particularly if you are a younger driver.

Carefully consider what the cost of insuring will be if you plan to change your suspension, exhaust or engine as you may find that the jump in your insurance costs will be unmanageable. Check with your own insurer first and spend some time looking on price comparison websites to see if you can find a better deal. It’s also worth looking at specialist modified car insurance companies which may be slightly cheaper.

Making modified car insurance cheaper

Statistically if you drive a modified car you’re more likely to put in an insurance claim and the repairs you need are likely to cost more. Because of this getting insurance for a modified or performance car will always be more expensive that getting ordinary car insurance.

However, there are steps you can take to get cheaper insurance for average vehicles and if you take the same steps with a modified car you can reduce your premiums.

Make sure your car is as safe and secure as possible and has a good alarm system and immobiliser. Lock it in a garage at night if possible or off the road.

You can still build up your no claims bonus when you have performance car insurance so if you do need to make repairs then try to pay for them yourself rather than making a claim.