Find Online Cheap Temporary Car Insurance

In general when you buy car insurance it lasts for a year, but if you’re not going to be using a car for that long then there are other options available such as temporary car insurance.

You might be looking after a car fro a friend while they’re away, or you may have been leant a car to drive whilst yours is in for repairs or you’re about to buy a new one. Whatever the reason you need short term car insurance, you need to make sure you’re fully covered and that you’re not being charged the earth.

If you want to get cheap temporary car insurance then first work out how long you will need the insurance for. Most insurers will offer deals for one day, one month or even six months so make sure you choose the type that’s appropriate for you. You can also decide whether you want to opt for fully comprehensive or third party insurance too.

The longer the amount of time you need the insurance for the cheaper it will be, but if you only need a day there is no point in paying for six months. A month’s worth of temporary car insurance will be more expensive than a month’s premium on a yearly policy, but if you’re only expecting to make a one off payment then it’s still best to opt for temp car insurance.

When you buy a new car you often need to drive it away from the dealership but if you haven’t got your car insurance sorted yet then it’s impossible to do so. If you want to get your car quickly and then take the time to find the right insurance for you then temporary car insurance could be an ideal option.

If your insurance has run out and you want to spend time shopping around for a better deal rather than renewing your old policy then temporary car insurance will give you the time you need to find a better deal whilst still making sure you’re safe on the roads.

When you borrow or rent a van when you’re moving or if you are helping someone else move and you’re not covered as a named driver or on third party insurance then temporary insurance is an ideal solution.

If you are planning to sell your old car and the insurance is about to run out then you can avoid the costs of insuring for another year with temporary insurance which will keep your car legal and also cover any test drives whilst you’re in the process of selling.

If you have a classic car that you don’t use often and that is kept in a garage then choosing temporary car insurance could be a lot cheaper than insuring the vehicle for a year.

Road trips can also work out cheaper if you choose temporary car insurance, particularly if you are going abroad or are planning to share driving with other people. You’re also more likely to be comprehensively covered if you book insurance in the UK when travelling overseas.