Find Cheap Car Insurance for Women Over 25

If you’re a woman aged 25 or over then you’ll be rewarded for your careful driving as statistically, women between the ages of 25 and 60 pose the least risk to insurance companies.

Although in terms of numbers men and women have about the same number of accidents, women tend to drive more slowly and cautiously so the accidents they do have cost less to repair.

As a female driver you’re in a good position to get cheap car insurance for women over 25 and there are lots of different companies that all want your business – so if you want to know how to sort the wheat from the chaff and find the best deal then read these tips.

Your car

As a female driver you’ll be able to enjoy lower premiums than men, but you can still cut your costs further if you choose your car carefully. When purchasing a car find out which insurance group it falls into. Powerful cars which are expensive to repair will cost more to insure than more sensible models, so stick to smaller engine sizes if you want to pay as little as possible to insure.

Make sure your car is as secure as possible by adding an alarm and immobiliser if you haven’t already got them and park your car off the road or in a garage if you can. The more you guard your car against theft the more insurance companies will reward you.

Set money aside to pay for any minor repairs you may need so you can build up your no claims bonus. If you don’t make a claim for five years you could reduce your insurance costs so it always pays to keep your car well maintained to avoid expensive break downs.

People with driving convictions or with points on their license will pay more to get insured so avoid dangerous driving at all costs if you want your insurance cost to stay low.

Looking for car insurance for women over 25

If you want to find out what all the different companies are offering quickly then use a comparison website. Make sure that you enter all your information accurately and the comparison site will show you the different offers available.

You should also look out for special offers and deals that are available as many companies will offer perks for women drivers.

Make sure you check insurers websites directly too as you may find offers available that aren’t on the comparison sites.

Today there are many insurers that offer policies exclusively to women and this can help bring the costs down still further so make sure you know the benefits of choosing a specialist provider over a general insurer.

If you already have other types of insurance such as life or home insurance you could find that you’ll receive a discount if you take out a policy for your car with the same company so look into this before you make a decision on which insurer to choose.