Find Cheap 4×4 Car Insurance online

There are many reasons why a person may own a 4×4 vehicle. They may live in the countryside, they may be an avid off roader, or they may simply need a large vehicle to accommodate their family. Whatever the reason you own a 4×4, they can be expensive to insure, but, if you know where to look it is possible to get 4×4 car insurance at a good price.

Why is 4×4 car insurance so expensive?

Insurers group cars into one of fifty categories depending on things like engine size, fuel efficiency and the cost of replacing parts. 4X4 vehicles have large, powerful engines and use a lot of fuel. In general they’re also at the more expensive end of the scale when it comes to buying, all of which means 4×4 cars fall into a higher category so are more expensive to insure.

If you plan to use your 4×4 for off roading this will push the car into a whole new bracket and add further costs to your insurance because you’re much more likely to cause damage and need to make a claim if you’re taking your vehicle off road.

Before you purchase a 4×4 make sure you know exactly how much it will cost to insure and the price of things like replacement parts and enhancements before you purchase or you may get a nasty surprise when you come to insure.

Finding cheap 4×4 car insurance

Obviously if you drive a 4×4 your car insurance will never be as cheap as it would be with a more modest car, but there are still deals to be had out there. Make sure you carefully check all the price comparison websites to get a clear picture of different deals. If you’re using price comparison websites make sure you enter all your information correctly so you get the most accurate results.

Find out if your current insurer can make you an offer. If you’ve been a loyal customer they should want to hold onto your business so make sure they know you want to take out an additional policy. Many insurance companies will reward you for taking out more than one policy with them so it’s always worth finding out what kind of discount you can get.

Or you could approach a specialist company who deal solely with 4×4 insurance. This is especially useful if you are planning to use your vehicle for off roading as a specialist company will be more likely to understand the type of cover you’ll need and will probably charge a little less than an ordinary company.

The majority of insurers don’t look kindly on modifications but serious off road enthusiasts love to make enhancements to their cars so if you plan to modify it can be a good idea to choose a specialist insurance company who will expect you to make changes to your vehicle.