Find Cheap 3 Month Car Insurance

We all know that car insurance can be expensive so if you need 3 month car insurance then why pay for a year?

You can find lots of companies offering temporary car insurance from one day to six months so if you need to get insured for less than a year then read on to find out how to find the best policy.

About 3 month car insurance

3 months car insurance works in the same way as an annual policy and you can choose the type of policy you want, such as basic, third party or fully comprehensive. The only difference is that you will be covered for the specified period and not for a full year.

Why do I need 3 month car insurance?

These days with families overseas and busy lifestyles, the need for temporary car insurance is greater than ever.

If you have family coming over from abroad and they need a vehicle to get about then 3 month car insurance could be ideal.

Perhaps you’re borrowing a vehicle to temporarily commute to work, or you’re working away and don’t want to take your current car with you.

You could be borrowing a car from someone whilst they’re abroad, or you could need temporary insurance if you’re using a van whilst you complete home renovations.

No matter why you need temporary car insurance, you should always take the time to find a good deal.

How to find a good deal on 3 month car insurance?

If you’ve already got a vehicle then approach your existing insurance company first. You may find you’ll be offered a discount if you take out another policy with them and they may even offer to take money off your existing policy too.

Before you opt for your current provider, make sure you’ve checked out what other deals are available by looking on price comparison websites. You’ll be able to compare prices on different policies and check for discounts and special offers, but make sure you enter all your details correctly to get the most accurate quotes.

It’s also a good idea to get quotes directly from the websites of different insurers as you may find you end up with different results and better perks. Most large comparison sites are impartial and provide up to date information but this isn’t always the case so it’s a good idea to check company sites too.

Make sure you know exactly what type of cover you want as a basic policy will obviously be cheaper but may not fulfil all your requirements.

You can also opt to increase the excess on your policy to reduce the cost but only do this if you can really afford to pay for repairs if you need to.

Finally, always stick to the stipulations set out by your insurers, such as parking your car in a garage, as if you don’t and you have to make a claim it could be rejected.