Find Cheap 1 Day Car Insurance online

Car insurance can be incredibly expensive and for people who don’t drive all the time the cost of insuring can really put them off driving altogether. However, it is possible to find reasonably priced one day car insurance that can get you on the road without the need to pay expensive monthly premiums.

This type of car insurance can usually be bought to cover you for between one and twenty eight days, depending on your needs and is a great alternative to an annual policy that you may not need.

1 day car insurance will cover you for everything that an annual premium will including third party and comprehensive cover, but you won;t have to lay out money every month if you’re not planning to use your car.

Where can I find daily car insurance?

There are lots of different insurers out there who all offer one day car insurance so to get the best deal make sure you take some time to shop around on online price comparison websites. You’ll also find insurers offering special deals and perks so make sure you take all of these into account when making a decision.

You can also find quotes direct through insurers websites which can often be more effective as it’s easy to see exactly what each insurer is offering.

Why do I need one day car insurance?

There are lots of instances where you may need 1 day car insurance and it’s far more sensible to get it than to risk driving when uninsured which could land you with points on your license, a hefty fine, a driving ban or even a prison sentence.

If you’ve just bought a new vehicle but haven’t had time to shop around for the best insurance then one day cover could be ideal for you because you’ll be able to drive your car home from the dealership and still give yourself time to find a great annual insurance deal.

If you’re borrowing someone else’s car for a short period time then getting cover for up to a month is the ideal solution and is a lot cheaper than buying an annual policy. You can also use one day or temporary insurance if you’re hiring a vehicle on holiday. This is especially useful if you’re driving abroad as you may find that a policy from the UK is more comprehensive than those offered by overseas insurers.

You may have an extra car or van or a vehicle that you take to shows and events but don’t drive every day. If you’re having to pay insurance for a vehicle like this all year round the costs could make it impossible for you to keep the vehicle on, but if you choose car insurance for a day or two it will cost you a lot less and allow you to go on enjoying your vehicle when you want to.

So if you want a flexible and cost effective solution to ensuring a car for a month or less then choose one day car insurance to cover your vehicle and keep you safe on the road.