Find Car Insurance Under 25 – deals and discounts

Drivers aged 25 and under are considered to be a high risk by insurance companies because statistically, they re more likely to make a claim than older drivers.

This is because young drivers tend to have less experience and to drive less responsibly than those who have been on the road longer – which means they’re less likely to have an accident.

If you need car insurance under 25 and you don’t want to pay a premium then make sure you take steps to get a great insurance deal for your car.

Choose your car carefully

You may be tempted to become a boy or girl racer and speed through the streets in a souped up vehicle, but if you choose to drive an expensive, powerful or highly modified car you can expect to pay for it when your monthly insurance payment rolls around.

To give yourself a better chance of getting a cheap policy choose a sensible car. That means one with a smaller engine and no mods. Even changing the colour of your car can be classed as a modification so avoid changes. If you can’t resist a few extras here and there then make sure you inform your insurer before you make a change or you could make your policy void.

The only type of modification you can make that will actually save you money is adding a good alarm system and an immobiliser. To get further discounts park your car in a garage or off the road. By adding security features you’re reducing the risk of your car being stolen which makes it a more attractive prospect for insurers.

Add more people to your policy

Many younger people try to keep costs down by adding themselves to a parent’s insurance policy but insurers are now wise to this and will charge more for a young driver to be added. However, if you have your own policy it can be beneficial for you to add other named drivers, provided they are over 25 and haven’t been convicted of any driving offences.

When looking for an insurer find out if you get a discount for adding named drivers to your policy so you can take advantage.

Look for deals and discounts

Price comparison websites are a great way of finding out about lots of different policies at once, but they’re also a great place to look for deals and discounts. With so many insurers all vying for your business there’s always a deal to be had, even if you’re a high risk category driver.

Many insurers offer money off for students or will reduce premiums if you take out an additional policy, such as life insurance, with the same company.

Take an advanced driving course

When it comes to insuring, presenting yourself as a carefully driver is always a good idea, so if you’re under 25 then take an advanced driving course which will make you a better driver and make a big difference to the premiums you pay.