Find Car Insurance for the Over 80’s

Car insurance is notoriously expensive for young drivers because they pose a greater risk on the road than their more experienced counterparts. As drivers mature their premiums tend to reduce as the likelihood of them making a claim decreases.

Statistically, after the age of sixty drivers begin to pose a greater risk than younger drivers and so premiums begin to steadily rise again and in general, the older you are the higher your insurance costs will be.

Car insurance for over 80s can be difficult to find at a good price because as far as insurers are concerned drivers aged eighty or over pose as big a risk as drivers aged 25 and under. This means that responsible drivers with years of experience can be penalised simply because of their age.

However, here are still steps that the over 80’s can take to ensure they get the best deal on car insurance.

Your vehicle

To make yourself a more attractive prospect to potential insurers choose a moderate vehicle that doesn’t go too fast. The more expensive and powerful your car is the more insurance you can expect to pay to cover it so stick to a sensible car as you get older.

Make sure your car has all the right security features and if you’ve had your vehicle for a long time then make sure you update the alarm system and fit an immobiliser and park your car in a garage or off the road at night.

The more secure you make your car the less likely it is to be stolen and insurers will take this into account when calculating your policy.

Older people tend to look after their vehicles more carefully than the younger generation which insurers appreciate because when you carry out regular maintenance on your car you’re less likely to end up needing big repair jobs.

If you want to ensure you’re offered money off your insurance as each year passes then avoid making claims and build up your no claims bonus. Over time this is one of the best ways to reduce your insurance costs.

Where to look for over 80 s insurance

If you need insurance and you’re aged eighty or over then start with your existing insurers first. If you’ve been with the same company for many years then hopefully they will reward your loyalty and offer you a good deal.

However, before you agree to a policy with your current company you should always shop around to see if there are better deals to be had. The best way to do this is by looking on price comparison websites where you’ll be able to view several deals at once.

You could also try looking for a specialist insurer that deals solely with policies for older drivers as they will be more equipped to deal with your request and may be able to offer you cheaper rates.