Find a Boating Accident Attorney

Inexperience on the water and alcohol are the leading factors in boat related accidents in California. Boating accident attorneys Cohn and Swartzon are dedicated to helping injured clients and families who have lost a loved in a tragic boating accident. With over 20 years of legal experience, our accident attorneys are able to provide skilled representation in injury accident claims that result from a variety of boating accidents.

Many boat accidents occur in rented boats. There is no license required to operate a boat and inexperienced drivers are at the controls of a powerful machine with little experience and inadequate instruction. Boats are easily capsized, can collide with other watercraft which can result in an explosion and drowning of passengers. Accidents on the water are oftentimes dramatic with life-changing results. Perhaps you were thrown from a boat by the radical movements of the operator, receiving serious back injuries, or you are skiing when you are run over by a boat operator who is not paying attention and you receive serious injuries and lacerations from the propeller and brain injury.

Boating accident claims is a very specialized area of the law that requires an expert injury accident lawyer with experience, expertise and a proven track record to understand the latest technology and resources available to fight for your rights. The boat injury accident attorneys at Cohn and Swartzon will determine the cause of your accident, establish the negligent parties and aggressively fight to make sure you receive the proper compensation for the injuries and damages you incurred as a result of the careless and reckless actions of other parties.

While a boating accident will typically involve a boat collision or a boat running aground or into a dock, personal watercraft such as a jet ski can also be involved. Boating under the influence of alcohol is frequently a factor in boating accident. In fact, drunken boating has become so prevalent that the same criminal consequences which govern driving under the influence have now been applied to boating while intoxicated.