Fatal Hospital Errors: Submit Your Questions Here

Everyone makes mistakes including fatal hospital errors.

From surgeons to nurses, specialists to teaching hospitals where medical students learn their craft under supervision; fatal mistakes can and do happen, even under the best of circumstances. This is considered medical malpractice.

Fatal hospital errors happen during surgery, childbirth, and in the ER. Medical devices may be improperly calibrated or poorly designed. Patients are misdiagnosed or misidentified; the wrong drug or drug dosage gets administered; and the spread of hospital-induced infection becomes a threat to an already vulnerable bedridden population.

Fatal hospital errors may be the result of poor communications between doctors and nurses or poorly written patient charts. Deadly mistakes happen when hospitals are understaffed, or staffed with inadequately-trained personnel.

Unfortunately, fatal errors do occur when the internal hospital system is broken and the staff is too afraid to admit mistakes or report others’ mistakes for fear of retaliation.

Pennsylvania leads the nation when it comes to educating hospitals about improving patient safety. The PA Patient Safety Authority and its reporting mechanism – Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System (PA-PSRS) and MCare Act (Medical Care & Reduction of Error) are making strides to reduce medical errors through data collection, problem solving, and solution building.

Even with these strides in patient safety procedures, there are many serious incidents and fatal hospital errors.

If a loved one has died from hospital error, please contact the PA medical malpractice attorneys to get the answers to your difficult questions. Find out what your legal options are regarding a fatal hospital error/medical malpractice lawsuit.