Family Law Week – comprehensive online guide to family law

If you’re looking for all the latest up to date information on family law, look no further than the Family Law Week website a source for the latest news and opinion on matters of family law, as well as information regarding important recent judgements.

The most important section of the site for family law professionals is the section that deals with the latest judgements in the area of family law. These provide precedents and judgement for how future cases will be dealt with. The latest judgement on the site at the moment is concerning a case that was heard at the High Court of Justice in Coventry regarding a young boy whose parents could not agree on custody arrangements due to various issues including the mother’s religious belief. This has important implications for all future cases regarding differences in the parents’ religious beliefs during divorce or separation proceedings, a situation which quite commonly arises. Most usefully, the Family Law Week blog maintains an archive of important judgements with full details as well as case digest*

The latest issue on the Family Law Week blog, meanwhile, is about haggling with the Legal Services Commission. There have also been recent blogs on the issues of Special Guardianship Allowances, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Family Law & The Court of Protection, and a review of the infamous Baby P Case. There are also connected blogs from Jacqui Gilliatt and Marilyn Stowe, again on all sorts of family law related issues. The blog is actually a wonderful tool for engaging with the latest discussions in the area of family law, which helps to inform every solicitor’s own practice. Because the law is constantly evolving, it is not enough to simply know the law as it is. It is important to understand how social changes affect family law, and to be able to predict which judgements will act as precedents for the future. With the Family Law Week blog, you can stay fully in touch with everything that is happening in the law world. If you are having trouble finding decent information, you can easily contact Dovetail Divorce, who offer the best choice of family law specialists Leeds has to offer.

The Family Law Week website also includes a large number of practice directions & guidance on various issues including, but not limited to; attendance of the media at court, written reasons in proceedings related to family proceedings, residence and contact orders: domestic violence and harm and inter-country adoption guidance. It’s a great source for this sort of general guidance, the specifics of which can so easily be forgotten.

Overall, the Family Law Week website is an invaluable resource for all family law solicitors, providing the latest up to date guidance on almost every area of family law. Here, you will also find advertisements for vacancies in the area of family law, and can also receive online CPD training. For all those who are perhaps not employed in the area of family law themselves, but are affected by the legal issues discussed, it is also an invaluable resource that allows people to gain a better understanding of the legal proceedings in their own life.