Failure to diagnose cancer medical malpractice

A doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer or provide prompt and appropriate treatment can have devastating consequences for patients and their families. Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose cancer often occurs when a doctor does not give the proper time and attention to their patient, does not properly evaluate the symptoms or listen to their complaints.

Doctors often do not order diagnostic tests or make a much-needed referral to an oncologist (cancer specialist), which could delay the cancer diagnosis by months or even years.

A majority of treatment in the United States is performed by family physicians or general practitioners and medical personnel in emergency rooms. These doctors handle a variety of ailments and conditions on any given day and do so under tremendous stress. But it is still important for these doctors to take the time they need to take for each patient and carefully evaluate each patient’s individual condition. It is critical that they send a patient with cancer symptoms to a specialist so timely diagnosis and treatment can be provided.

Timing is critical for cancer patients. With so many prevalent forms of cancer, early detection and treatment will give patients the hope for a cure. Most cancer treatments available today are most effective when they are carried out before the disease spreads. So, when a doctor fails to detect the symptoms of cancer, the patient may be deprived of treatment options which could facilitate a quick and complete recovery. Often times, this could put the patient’s life in jeopardy and subject him or her to more pain and suffering. For more information about Prostate Cancer Radiation Mistakes, visit the Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Anapol Schwartz.

There may be legitimate reasons where some rare forms of cancer cannot be detected earlier. However, in the majority of circumstances, a doctor should be able to diagnose the cancer or at least suspect it and refer the patient to a specialist. Our cancer misdiagnosis attorneys at Anapol Schwartz pursue these negligent medical professionals for this type of medical malpractice. Negligent cancer misdiagnosis may include the following:

Improper diagnosis of a tumor as non-cancerous

Ordering the wrong tests

Failure to order tests

Failure to review family medical history or routinely check at-risk patients for cancer symptoms

Failure to provide referral to an oncologist when necessary

Improper classification of a cancerous tumor

Improper labeling or handling of biopsy specimen

The experienced Philadelphia PA cancer misdiagnosis lawyers at Anapol Schwartz have the knowledge and experience it takes to investigate these complex cancer misdiagnosis cases. We have the skill and the professional connections to experts to review the circumstances surrounding your medical treatment. We will identify at what point the misdiagnosis or failure to diagnosis occurred. We have the resources it takes to fight for your rights and secure the compensation you and your family rightfully deserve.