Experienced car accident attorneys assist injured clients

Being injured in a car accident is the beginning of a very confusing time in your life, and you may not know where to look for help. Your vehicle is damaged; you are now facing medical expenses and other financial losses. The accident was not your fault and you know you don’t deserve the financial burdens you now face.

Your first step is contacting the Santa Ana car accident attorneys at Cohn and Swartzon. Our experience car accident lawyers have been assisting people injured in motor vehicle accidents for over 20 years.

Orange County traffic congestion leads to accidents

It is a visible fact, the traffic in the Orange County area gets worse with each year. Although, many people utilize public transportation, trains and other mass transit options, there are still more vehicles on the road than can safely be accommodated. Those crowded commutes lead to “fender benders” and other serious accidents. As soon as the accident happens, you are thrown into a confusing mix of insurance adjustors, insurance companies, investigators, and many other nameless entities. You need a car accident attorney who will be on your side from the very beginning to see that you are treated with respect. The accident lawyers at Cohn and Swartzon have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies, investigators and defense attorneys. Our injury attorneys have gained a reputation in the Santa Ana area as tough litigators who aggressively protect the rights of their clients and pursue the negligent parties for fair compensation.

Cohn and Swartzon accident lawyers always put our clients first, keeping our clients informed with frequent case updates and explaining the law and process involved. The expert car accident attorneys at Cohn and Swartzon understand the complex issues that are involved in the varied motor vehicle accidents that can occur on the roads of Santa Ana and surrounding areas. Our skilled injury lawyers will work with the necessary investigators and experts to determine the cause of the accident and establish all possible parties who may be responsible.

The injury accident attorneys at Cohn and Swartzon handle a variety of motor vehicle accidents and have the knowledge and skills to represent accidents involving motorcycle crashes, drunk driving accidents, truck collisions, and SUV rollover accidents. Our injury lawyers are compassionate and have an understanding of medical language and can adeptly converse with your doctors to determine the extent of your injuries to ensure that you receive the proper medical care now and in the future. Whether the accident causes a minor injury or the death of a loved one, Cohn and Swartzon have the qualifications and expertise to represent you.