Expatriate Health Insurance Complaints and Disallowed Claims

What happens when you have an expatriate health insurance complaint, dispute, or a disallowed claim?
In a perfect world, everything would work well and there would never be a reason for any complaints even expatriate health insurance complaints.

Unfortunately, ours is not a perfect world, so, as difficult as it may be to believe, there actually expatriate insurance complaints and disputes!

What if you have an expatriate insurance dispute or complaint, or even a disallowed claim?
It’s possible that, you and your expatriate health insurance company will disagree, and it will refuse to cover or reimburse you for what you consider to be a legitimate claim. What is the usual expatriate insurance complaints procedure or expatriate insurance disputes resolution process to follow if you are dissatisfied with how the expatriate medical insurance provider handled your claim? You should know what the procedure is before you buy your policy.

A good expatriate health insurance policy will clearly explain the procedure you should follow. If you can’t understand their complaints or disputes procedure, then maybe you should consider other policies. The expatriate insurance policy you choose should clearly identify whom you should contact, and how you can do that. It should also tell you to whom (to which regulatory agency) you can appeal if you and the company are unable to satisfactorily resolve the issue.

Once you have selected and purchased your expatriate medical insurance policy and are living abroad, it almost goes without saying that the easiest way you can help yourself is to make sure that you keep all receipts so that you can prove your case, if you ever have a disallowed claim.

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Make sure that you understand the expatriate health insurance disputes procedure or the expratriate insurance complaints process in your policy before you buy it. Then hope that you never have to follow that procedure!