Dumbest burglars home security systems

There is a misconception that all burglars are intelligent, silent, and agile. The following videos and articles prove that many are just the opposite—dim-witted, noisy and clumsy.

1. SPY STY: How about two men that decided to rob a store named “Spy Supply?” If the decal on the window, bearing a picture of a surveillance camera, and reading: “Warning: All activities are recorded to aid in the prosecution of any crime…” wasn’t enough, perhaps one would have thought the fact that the store sells SPY equipment would have been an indication NOT to rob the store.

2. TATTOO SMARTS: This man decided to break into a home in Tampa, Florida with the residents still inside. He obviously didn’t think about covering his face. After all, the tattoo on his cheek, outlining the state of Florida, is sooo inconspicuous. MORE

And we saved the best for last:

3. WINDOW ACROBATICS: A man named John Pearce tried to enter a home by smashing in a window with his foot. His shoelaces got caught on the window and he was stuck hanging upside down for about an hour until the owner arrived home. Still holding a hammer in his hand, he denied trying to break in.