Driveway alarms wireless reviews

Drive way You’ve heard of home alarm systems, security cameras, and bolted doors, but have you heard of driveway alarms? The concept is quite simple, and is an easy way to give your home that extra bit of protection.

The alarm will alert you in the event of persons and objects entering your driveway. It works off sensors placed in your driveway and a receiver box placed inside your home. The signal is usually sent wirelessly (although you can purchase a wired system) and can even be set up around a mailbox or a porch.

Three are different types of sensors:

Infra Red works off heat and will signal you of any type of large of body heat it picks up. The only problem with this, is that animals can set the alarm off, if big enough. It can not discriminate between different types of heat.

Magnetic Probes detect metal object within range of the probe. The system can be set up under the ground or above it—meaning it can be more discreet than the other options.

Rubber Hose: This lays flat on the ground, and detects when a person or object passes over it. It is the most common and the easiest to set up.