Do you need Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

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Cyclists are extremely vulnerable to injuries as a result of accidents due to the inattentiveness of drivers of bus’, trucks and cars. bicycle accident lawyers, Cohn and Swartzon have effectively represented bicycle riders for many years and understand the California bike laws. The injury attorneys at Cohn and Swartzon understand the dangers bicycle riders face and the injuries that are involved in cycling accidents.

When a car and a bicycle collide, the bicyclist is not going to come out the winner, suffering greater damages and severe injuries. Bicycle riders have less protection than a motorcycle, as a cyclist is usually wearing bicycle shorts, possibly a long-sleeved shirt and a helmet. The injuries can be serious with multiple bone fractures, head injuries, severe “road rash” causing scarring, paralysis and in some very tragic cases, death of the bicycle rider. The first concern of expert accident lawyers Cohn and Swartzon is for your physical recovery. We want to be sure that you are receiving the very best medical care and that your injuries are properly treated. Our bicycle accident attorneys are adept at discussing and understanding your medical condition and will ensure that your doctors give you the proper medical care, and have appropriately documented your diagnosis and prognosis to help develop your case.

Our accident lawyers will expertly review the investigation reports and witness statements. If they believe there are “holes” in the investigation or further statements need to be taken, they will quickly consult with independent investigators to ensure that a complete and thorough investigation is completed. Cohn and Swartzon are dedicated to thorough case preparation designed to develop a strong case for maximum rewards.

The Rights and Responsibilities of Bicycle Riders

Bicycle riders on public streets have the same laws and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers, observing all traffic signals and traffic laws. If you are riding a bicycle, you are also required to obey the traffic laws and you deserve the same protection by those laws as automobile drivers.