Do you need a Public Transportation Accident Attorney?

Public transportation injury representation

When you are a passenger on Metrolink or a bus, you are putting your life and trust into the hands of a stranger that you will be kept safe. If there is an accident and you suffer injuries, the driver and the vehicle owner may be held responsible for the consequences of failing to provide that standard of utmost care. Santa Ana public transportation accident attorneys, Cohn and Swartzon, has successfully represented countless clients who have been injured as the result of an accident involving public transportation. Our lawyers take the responsibility of your case very seriously. We understand the complex nature of accidents involving public transportation. You are relying on us to recover deserved and necessary compensation for your injuries and damages.

Because they carry many passengers and drive many miles, public transportation vehicles are held to a higher standard of safety. The agencies are expected to adhere to strict maintenance schedules and have scrupulous hiring and training policies. When there is an accident, they should be held accountable. The injury accident lawyers at Cohn and Swartzon will hold them accountable. Our attorneys will review the accident reports and witness statements, consult with our own expert investigators and experts to determine the negligent parties for the accident and establish the cause of the accident.

As public transportation vehicles are owned and regulated by government agencies, formal claims must be made against the proper entities within six months. It is important that if you have been injured as a result of a public transportation accident that you immediately contact our injury so that we can assure that the circumstances of your accident and injuries are properly documented and the claim filed. Accident lawyers, Cohn and Swartzon, are qualified and knowledgeable advocating for client’s rights against public transportation owners and insurance carriers.

As public transportation vehicles are generally crowded with many commuters, when an accident occurs there are many people injured as they are tossed about the interior of the vehicle. Injuries can range from simple bruising and scratches to more serious neck and back injuries and broken bones. No matter the injury you sustained, it is important that you be thoroughly examined by your doctor to ensure your injuries are properly cared for and you can gain a full recovery.