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For years, the Sacramento Personal Injury Law Firm has helped individuals and their families who have suffered injuries or lost a loved one as a result of an airplane crash which was caused by someone’s negligence.

While airplane crashes do not occur as often as other types of accidents, they do generally result in catastrophe, with many people suffering severe injury or even dying as a result. In order to make air travel safer and to help decrease the number of airplane crashes, the government has instituted specific regulations regarding commercial aircraft. Commercial aircraft is held to higher safety standards than private aircraft and the operators of commercial aircraft are required to undergo certain training in order to help ensure the safety of their passengers.

Unlike other types of accidents, there are specific state, federal and international laws that apply when an airplane accident occurs. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversees the manufacturing and maintenance of aircraft. When airplane accidents do occur, the FAA conducts investigations into the incidents in order to determine the cause(s).

Causes of Airplane Crashes

The National Transportation Safety Board estimates that approximately 83% of all general airplane accidents are attributed to pilot error. Thus, the pilot and/or his or her estate can be found liable for the accident. In addition, depending on the cause(s) of an airplane crash, the airline and others could also be held liable. This includes both the manufacturer of the aircraft and the aircraft’s component manufacturers. An aircraft manufacturer can be held liable for the negligent designing and/or assembling of an aircraft. An aircraft component manufacturer may be charged with common law negligence and breach of warranty, as well as any other person or entity that was professionally involved in placing the component into the stream of commerce.

As mentioned, when an airplane crash occurs, the FAA conducts an investigation to determine the cause(s). Often, this is difficult to determine, as generally there is quite a bit of damage to the aircraft as a result of the accident. Common causes of airplane crashes include:

Pilot error
Air traffic controller error
Inclement weather
Mid-air collisions
Engine failure
Instrument failure
Negligent maintenance
Fuel tank explosions
Improper loading of cargo
Defective onboard equipment
Help From Experienced Sacramento Airplane Accident Attorneys

Aviation law and airplane crash cases are very complex. It is crucial to have an experienced airplane accident attorney on your side who can help assess your claim and ensure that your rights are protected. At the Sacramento Personal Injury Law Firm, our experienced Sacramento airplane crash attorneys are fully prepared to help you with your airplane accident claim. We will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case and aggressively pursue every legal remedy to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.