Do it yourself divorce online?

There are many companies out there offering do it yourself divorce services from their websites, asking potential petitioners to fill in a simple form and pay a fee which will then generate their divorce papers. So firstly, is it really possible to conduct a divorce this way, and secondly, is it advisable?

Well, firstly yes it is possible. There is no need in a divorce case to employ a solicitor if you do not feel one is necessary. However, the operative word here is ‘necessary.’ It is not an issue of whether or not you want one, or whether or not you want to pay for one. The only way you can successfully divorce without a solicitor is if you have a very good on-going relationship with your ex-partner that allows you to communicate and to make rational, clear-headed decisions about your divorce and everything it affects. Bear in mind that it’s probably sensible to contact one of the specialist family mediation groups for guidance before making a final decision on whether to ‘go it alone.’

This means you will both need to want the divorce, firstly. You will both need to agree on the ground for divorce, whether this is adultery, unreasonable behaviour, or comes after a period of separation. You will then both need to agree on how your assets and finances are to be divided and what the arrangements for the children will be, if you have any.

Remember that even though you may feel as though you have a good relationship with your ex-partner, all of these issues can be quite emotionally draining and can bring difficulties to the fore that you weren’t even aware of. Even couples with the best of relationships can still find that they are unable to agree on such important issues as the future of their children. So, yes, it is possible to have a do it yourself divorce, but whether you feel able to tackle that is another matter.

When it comes to companies who offer a do it yourself divorce service online, it is worth considering whether their fees are worth paying. You can get the forms they give you directly from the court yourself, although you will need to fill these in, and you will need to pay the court fee of somewhere between £300 and £400 either way. However, if you really do not want to fill in the forms yourself and you feel the cost is worth it, it can be done on your behalf through a short online questionnaire.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that a solicitor actually does more than simply represent you in court. There are now several excellent family law solicitors in Leeds who will be happy to provide further information on the legal services they offer. He or she will also explain the whole process to you so you understand exactly what is happening, and what the court can and cannot do for you. With a solicitor, you can also choose to engage in a collaborative divorce rather than the usual court procedure, which can allow you to work things out through negotiation. Unlike attempting to do this alone, however, your solicitor and your partner’s solicitor will both be there to make sure that the conversation stays on track and that any problems are thrashed out then and there. If you do feel that you may have difficulty coming to an agreement with your partner, it is perhaps a far better option to involve a solicitor. Working in West Yorkshire there are now some of the very best family law lawyers Leeds has to offer and they can give further advice and information on all aspects of divorce.