Different types of home security systems

There are several staple kinds of home security systems. The first distinction in the types is whether your system will be professionally monitored by a service that will call the police the second that it detects an intrusion. Because of this 24 hour a day monitoring, the price of these types of systems tends to be much higher than the older and more traditional types of home security systems. These older types will instead simply activate a loud alarm that’s intent is to scare away the burglar, and alert you to the possible dangers. Both of these systems have pros and cons.

While being monitored 24 hours a day can definitely make you feel safer and more secure. If your system is set up improperly there can actually be fines attributed to you in certain areas if every time fluffy uses the dog door and the police are called out to investigate. In some areas this is still considered making a false complaint and can be punished with anything from a verbal warning to jail time, so be very wary in using these systems. Make sure that they are set up by a professional, one that will take liability if something were to malfunction.

However the aspect on relying upon an alarm to frighten away a burglar can be a scary thought for yourself, what if you live away from neighbors and no one else will hear the alarm?

What if the burglar knows how to quickly deactivate them and still rob you?

These are the many questions with the conventional user controlled home security systems. But, you can always step up your defense. Installing video cameras or placing physical barriers like gates or privacy fences will help to discourage any attempts and also with the fences make the burglar have harder time casing out your place.

That does not mean that everything about the newer 24 hour a day monitoring home security systems are bad. Just the opposite, a properly installed one can be the difference between a break in or not. Most people choose this type of home security system because of the sophistication and reliance. If you buy a monitoring home security system you will most likely have to pay a monthly fee for services, these fees usually start around twenty-five dollars per month but can vary. Besides many systems will wave the fee of their system itself, for an installation fee and a yearly subscription to their service. This helps lower the cost for you by splitting the amount you need to pay up.

Keep in mind that many of these types of services will also monitor your home for fire and carbon monoxide poisoning and will call the fire department just as it would the police department if it detects a fire. This can be a real blessing to those families with a lot of children as they will be concentrating on getting their family out and by the time they run to the neighbors to call the fire department a good portion of their house may already be damaged or ruined.