Construction Accidents Construction sites can be dangerous

Car Accident Lawyer Orlando – Construction Accidents Construction sites can be dangerous places to be and the site for various different kinds of accidents. There are numerous laws in Florida and the United States to protect people on construction sites.

Unfortunately, those laws do not prevent all accidents. Almost every day people in the state of Florida are injured on construction sites as a result of: someone else’s negligence, faulty equipment, crane accidents, concrete accidents, falling objects, and heavy lifting. These accidents can result in: back injuries, neck injuries, paralysis and other spinal cord injuries, fractures, loss of limb(s), head injuries, hand injuries, arm injuries, shoulder injuries, leg injuries, knee injuries, foot injuries and unfortunately death.

While a lot of construction site accidents in Florida may be workers compensation accidents what many people do not know is they may have a claim against the negligent party in certain circumstances. The laws in this area are very complex and an attorney should be contacted immediately should you or one of your loved ones be involved in a construction accident.

The cost of these construction accidents on injury victims and their families can be enormous. We at the Payer Law Group are here to assist the injury victim and their families to make sure that those costs are paid for by the negligent parties and the construction companies responsible for the project. Furthermore, an injury victim’s immigration status is irrelevant.

At the Payer Law Group we have over 30 years of combined experience representing victims of construction accidents throughout the State of Florida. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a construction accident in the State of Florida call or contact us online for your free initial consultation. We are happy to discuss your case with you and to help you understand your rights. Our offices are available 24 hours a day seven days a week and we can arrange home or hospital visits for your convenience. There are no fees or costs if we do not recover money for you.