Comparing Car Insurance Quotes on The Internet

With thousands of websites offering Car Insurance Quotes on-line today , so where do you begin comparing quotes and finding the cover that is right for you ?

If you have access to the Internet, probably the best place to start , to get an idea of what you are likely to pay, is to visit a car insurance comparison website . These websites compare quotes , quite often from lots of different insurance suppliers .

There is much more to comparing motor insurance than comparing the premium quotes offered. It is equally important to compare the cover offered.

Always compare the covers offered on a like for like basis. For example, if one company is offering a price with a deductible of one hundred and fifty , ensure the quote you are comparing has the same excess.

Car Insurance polices also alter widely from one insurance company to another. Therefore, always make sure that you read the policy information before accepting a quotation.

Taking out policies online can be very time consuming. Many quote comparers are more often obliged to ask more questions, so getting a cheaper quote can be time consuming. This is due to the fact that many of the car insurance suppliers on the comparing site need differing information about the driver or the vehicle, to quote .

This obviously takes longer to complete the quote and buy process where often hundreds of quotes are shown , however the additional time spent is rewarded with a list of competing companies offering a wide range of quotes, which gives you a clear indication of what you are likely to have to pay. These may not be the cheapest quotes you will find online, but being presented with various offers and options is a starting point for identifying cheaper car insurance. It is also worth remembering that many of the more specialist car insurance companies don’t appear on comparison sites .

These often cheaper, direct car insurance companies are also able to offer large discounts for buying their insurance because they can cut the costs of the policies by cutting out the commission charges of a broker . The commission savings these direct insurers make by selling motor insurance this way can then be passed onto their customers as cheaper car insurance quotes.

Another method is to use a search engine such as Google or Bing to find providers of insurance for your particular model or to find specialist providers .
For example if you own a Ford , enter ‘ the make ‘ and ‘ car insurance comparison’ into the search engine and you will be presented with options which are more relevant to your car as a owner of that model .

Likewise, if for example you are a young driver if you enter this query into the search engine you will be shown quotes specifically made for drivers with no experience .

When the comparison website returns a quote that you like, keep a note of the offer and go straight to the Insurance Company website just before your existing cover runs out.

When you have found a quote you like on a price comparison site, you can often save money by visiting the Insurer’s own website and buying direct. In order to ensure you get the full benefits of cheaper cover it is often necessary to remove all cookies from your browser window, before visiting the car insurance provider direct.

Another area to explore if you have particular driving coverage needs or own a classic or expensive performance car, is the specialist car insurance market. This market is comprised of many specialist car or niche motor insurance schemes, often operated by Car Insurers who specialize in, for example, a unique lady drivers scheme , or car owners with convictions.

Finding a car insurer which may be more suitable for your needs it is advisable to search online for insurance your make of vehicle. If you have a poor driving record , drive an unusual or prestige motor or need specialist car insurance because of your age or medical conditions there are now many specialist car insurance that cater for all these needs.

When buying cover on the Internet be aware that the number of comparisons they make and the prices quoted often differ from one site to another. Often the comparison sites may have arranged better premium prices with the Insurers for a particular type of client or car as all Motor insurers have preferred target markets.