Compare the market travel insurance usa

Every company including the ones in the insurance industry is out there doing business for money.

If you do not invest time into finding out and doing some deeper analysis into the companies you are about to buy insurance from, you could get disappointed.

Compare Travel Insurance


There are cases where a buyer bought insurance and got hit by a natural calamity and claimed it was unseen natural calamity. The insurance company refused to pay on the grounds that the weather in that particular region was dangerous even before the trip and hence was not unseen.

Here we will assess the best of top 10 travel insurance plans as seen on the above mentioned website. We are dividing them into three different benefits. One is travel, second is medical and third is the other category of help which includes phone availability and the speed in which they provide refunds or compensation.

Travel Insurance Compare

1. Travel benefits: $25000

As we can see in the chart below Travel safe seems to be the best choice
for travelers overall. The benefits too is sizable where most others provide the cost of the trip, Travel safe and CSA give back 150% of the trip cost in case of trip interruption. Most of them are similar in the sense that if you decide to cancel your trip then they will pay back the trip cost. The companies all vary in reimbursing for other situations like missed connection, lost baggage, baggage delay and non medical emergency evacuation.

One thing to note here is that Travel safe is the only provider which reimburses $25,000 in case of non emergency evacuation.
2. Medical benefits: $75,000

When it comes to medical benefits Travel safe and MH Ross are the only companies which compensate for emergency accident and sickness. The former pays 75 k more than the latter. We can notice however that Travel safe lags behind when it comes to Emergency medical / dental or sickness. In this case MH Ross is the better company compared to others.

3. Additional services: When it comes to other additional services almost the entire group of companies do a more or less similar job. They all have twenty four seven telephone cost free service besides other services mentioned above.

When we look at it from an overall perspective we can see that Travel safe provides really good services when it comes to travel and other benefits. It does lag a little behind when it comes to other services as shown in the graph but otherwise it is good to go for. CSA and MH Ross too fare pretty well if you needed a second and a third choice.