Clinical negligence claims against nhs

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the provision of health care in the United Kingdom is one of the best in the whole of Europe. No matter how high the standard of the medical treatment in the UK is, clinical negligence is not at all uncommon in this nation.

Each year, hundreds of people suffer due to clinical negligence in the UK. The consequence of medical negligence can be serious. Psychological stress, physical suffering, and loss of earnings can be the result of a doctor’s careless act. However, the law system of the nation is in favor of the medical negligence victims. If the victim can prove that the negligent act of a medical practitioner is the cause of his sufferings, he will be entitled to get compensation from the guilty party. In order to get compensation, the victim needs to file clinical negligence claims.

Myths about Filing Clinical Negligence Claims

There are certain myths surrounding medical negligence claims. Some people have strong faith in these myths which discourage them to file clinical negligence claims. Two common myths are as follows:

• Most people believe that the process of claiming compensation following a medical negligence is not only complicated but also expensive.

• Some people think that the litigation process is time consuming and they need to wait for years to get the verdict.
If you have faith in these myths and do not go ahead to file compensation claims, you will deprive yourself of the compensation you deserve. You should talk to a medical negligence solicitor to know the real facts about clinical negligence claims. With the assistance of a legal expert, you can have confidence and file compensation claims successfully.
Proving Clinical Negligence
The victims or the solicitor acting on his behalf needs to prove certain factors in order to establish his claims in the court of law:
• First of all, the victim needs to prove that the medical practitioner owed a duty of care to him.

• That the medical practitioner was negligent in treating the patient.

• The standard of care provided by the doctor was much below the accepted standards that a doctor needs to provide.

• The patient suffered due to the negligence of the doctor.

The amount of compensation is often decided on the basis of the loss suffered by the victim of clinical negligence.

Explaining the Process of Litigation

After the claim is made, the solicitor acting on behalf of a medical negligence victim needs to send a “letter of claim” to the accused party. Then, the accused party is allowed to acquire proof to defend him and respond to the “letter of claim”. After that, if the accused person agrees to settle the case out of the court, his solicitor would negotiate with the solicitor representing the other party and decide on a sum of money that the accused party needs to pay to the victim of clinical negligence. If the claimant desires to present the case in the court of law, the solicitor would then design a plan of action and initiate the legal proceedings. Legal experts from both the parties need to prepare reports and carry on the litigation process.

Choose Our Clinical Negligence Solicitors

Choosing a reliable solicitor is important to file a medical negligence case successfully. You can contact our solicitors who can help you present your medical negligence claims in the proper manner. We have a team of highly trained and experienced legal professionals who are adept in handling all sorts of medical negligence cases. You can call us up and consult our solicitors. We offer an initial consultation to outline key factors before any commitment is made on either side.