Claiming for brain injury compensation after

Any forms of brain and head injuries can be severe, therefore can have long lasting effects on the victim’s life. Brain injuries are normally the resultant of sudden accidents or fall. However, when it has happened because of medical practitioner’s negligence, you may have the eligibility to bring in a legal action.

Our specialist brain injury team can help you with the procedure of pursuing claim for brain injury compensation. If the medical expert or staffs are responsible for your brain or head injury, compensation can be claimed for the sufferings you have been going through. Designed to provide financial help to the medical negligence victim, a successful claim enables to recover the losses.

Claimable Brain Injury Medical Negligence Cases

Even though, a medical negligence victim suffering from brain injury is entitled to receive compensation, not all forms of clinical error cases may deserve claim. Indexed below are some cases you can make claim for:

Birth Suffocation:

Cerebral palsy is what a baby suffers from due to lack of oxygen supply. In this state, the victim’s motor function gets affected and he/she may undergo disorder in movement, which lead to non-progressive brain condition. The victim may not be able to walk, eat, dress, talk or control his/her muscles. Epilepsy, hearing problem, imbalance in coordination are a few other problems that can occur to the victim.

UK law has a provision that allows a victimised child to make a claim until he/she turns 18. It is always better to deal with such situation as soon as they arise. Consulting a solicitor should always be first point of call so that he can assist you in gathering evidences against the guilty and keep them safe in a file.

Brain Injury during Surgery

While operating to some other body part the patient’s brain may not receive sufficient oxygen supply, thereby causing severe brain damage. If a person becomes brain damaged after an operation it maybe up to the person closest to them to file the complaint and take legal action.

Brain Damage caused due to Delayed Treatment or Wrong Diagnosis

Serious conditions such as brain injury caused due to accident or any other medical conditions, needs immediate treatment and diagnosis and if it goes wrong or remains untreated for sometime it can have severe consequences including; brain haemorrhage, epilepsy, brain tumour or permanent damage to the brain.

Excessive Consumption of Medication

Over the years, considerable numbers of deaths has occurred due to over dosage of medicines. If this has happened because of medical professional’s negligence, then it cannot be tolerated at all. With severe health conditions, it is quite expected for the doctor’s to prescribe high power medicines, but an over dosage of the same may leave the patient’s brain damaged.

If your beloved or relative have suffered from such consequences, contact our solicitors at our toll free number or fill in the medical negligence online form with detailed information. Our expert and specialized solicitor can provide their assistance to make claim for brain injury compensation.

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