Claiming compensation against a dentist

If you have suffered from the consequences of medical error committed by your dentist, compensation claim is what you may receive. Just as all other medical professionals, a dentist also have a duty of care towards his/her patients and a failure to keep up to it is an act of neglect.

Mistakes made by dentist causes severe pains to the patients and the worst are when the patient suffers long term effects. Whether you went for a medical or cosmetic dental treatment, whether the treatment was conducted privately or in a NHS hospital, if the dental work has caused you harm, you may claim compensation against a dentist. Our medical negligence solicitors can help you make a claim and provide you their professional guidance.

Common Compensation Claims against a Dentist

Misdiagnosis: Conducted wrong diagnosis that results in wrongful treatment

Failed Diagnosis: Failure to realise the actual teeth problem, which can worsen off the situation.

Unnecessary dental work: Wrong diagnosis often leads to unnecessary dental work that not only give pains that can be avoided, but, causes unnecessary expenses to the patient.

Removal of wrong tooth: carelessness shown while conducting dental surgery may lead to removal of wrong tooth.

Unnecessary teeth extraction: It is one of the commonest claimable cases that occur often with the patients. The reason probably can be misdiagnosis or wrong treatment

Injury during dental treatment: If your dentist have injured while performing dental work and that has harmed you, claim can be made for such reason.

Faulty dental implant device: If your dentist has been negligent and so, has implanted faulty device, you may have compensation to receive. Such faulty equipments can cause injuries and infection in your mouth.

If you believe you have a case to make a claim, contact us. Our specialised solicitors would be happy to help you in your difficult times and enable you to receive justice.

What can You Claim for?

In order to help the medical negligence victim recover the losses, compensatory awards are sanctioned to them. The amount of the claim is generally calculated on the basis of the below mentioned factors, which includes:

• Whether the victim has completely recovered from the injury or the medical condition, or it has a long lasting effect on the person.

• The nature of the illness or the injury

• The value of the damages suffered by the victim due to the consequence of the injury

You have the entitlement to claim compensation against a dentist, when the injury is suffered due to the act of the medical negligence as resulted in losses. You can make claim based on:

• Sufferings and pains

• Amenity loss

• Medical expenses

• Loss of income

• Any type of expenditure incurred because of the injury, such as, travel costs when receiving clinical treatment.
Claiming Dental Negligence Compensation

If you or any of your relative, friends have suffered from the effects of negligent dental care, contact us. Our experienced solicitors can let you know whether you have a claim to make and can provide you with comprehensive claim advice. Our team of experts can enable you to know about the strict legal rules and regulations of making a successful claim. To avail our solicitors no win no fee service, call us on our free phone number or enquire on line.