Choosing The Right Home Security Video Camera

If you need to buy a home security video camera you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they have come down in price over the years and now offer an incredible range of features. Here are just a few of the latest models.

SVAT WSE-201 Wireless Outdoor Color Nightvision System – This home security video camera works outdoors and offers incredible nightvision features. Since it is wireless it is incredibly easy to install and operate. In addition to video you’ll even get sound, which is quite rare in many models.

Nortech Security Cameras 2.4GHZ Wireless Security System – If you need a home security video camera that packs an awesome amount of features into one unit, look no further. You can use it to monitor your home for intruders or even to keep an eye on your kids. The nightvision feature makes it an even better value.

SVAT’s SE UC1300 Color Wireless Hidden Camera In A Teddy Bear – This cute little teddy bear has a secret that no one will be able to find out. It’s actually a home security video camera that operates on wireless technology. The color images are crisp and it’s clever design makes it easy to conceal anywhere in your home.

Clover Mini Black & White Indoor Video Camera – If you need a real budget home security video camera, this model costs less than $35 and offers clear imaging, plug and play installation and it’s so small, it can be hidden just about anywhere in your home. You can connect it right to your television or another recording device for an instant monitoring solution.

ISC100 Indoor Panning Imitation Security Camera with Blinking LED – If you aren’t really concerned about thieves, but want to make it look as though you have a home security video camera, this fake model is actually incredibly realistic. The blinking LED light should fool just about anyone.

Clover WW7000 2.4 GHz. Wireless Camera Systems with Sequencing – This high tech home security video camera offers two cameras that can be sequenced for more security. The receiver has four channels, allowing you to view up to four video feeds simultaneously.

Video cameras are a great way to make your home more secure. Whether you need them to be hidden or you want to make a strong statement, they are a cost-effective deterrent that doubles as an extra security blanket for your home.