Child safety devices for roman blinds

There are many things you can do to keep your child safe. When you aren’t able to watch your child every moment of the day some of these devices might help you maintain peace of mind about your child’s safety.

Most household items do not cost much and are easy to install in your home.

Child in WaterWhen concerned with bath time or any encounter with water, two useful items to purchase are a kid safety rail and an anti-scald device. The kid safety rail attaches to the side of the tub, so that children can grip on while getting in and out from the tub, this can also be used if standing in the tub. Anti-scald devices help monitor water temperature, so that that water does not get too hot and potentially burn the skin. There are numerous types: some turn off the water when it gets too hot, others lock the handle so that it cannot be turned all the way, and so on. An additional device to install in the bathroom is a toilet lock, so that young children do not open and slam the lid on themselves or play with the toilet water.

In the bedroom, a few essentials can be used. From door locks to sliding glass door locks to outlet covers. A great thing to use when babies are teething is a crib rail teether guard, so that babies do not chew on harmful chemicals from the wood or paint on the crib. The teether guard is simply a flexible plastic mold that fits over the top of the rail on the crib.

Child Reaching for StoveIn the kitchen, the stove top is one of the most dangerous places for children. There are stove knob covers that prevent children from turning on the stove. There is also a stove safety guard that acts as a barrier, so that children are blocked from reaching items on the stove.

Cabinets and drawers can be secured with multiple types of locks. Some use magnets, others use an adjustable strap, and others use a press release. When storing items like glassware or cleaners, make sure to place a child safety lock. Another good idea is to lock up the area around the trash can.

For stairs, there is a child handrail that is placed at a lower level, so they have the additional support when walking down the stairs.

Child Locator Device Another thing to think about, when your child is out in a public place, is a child locator—use is ideal in busy places such as: malls and supermarkets and even amusement parks. Some child locators are more high tech than others, the more high tech, the more expensive obviously. These devices allow you to monitor where and how far your child is, and most come with some sort of alarm system if a child wanders too far or if there is a potential threat.