Car Accident Lawyer Orlando – Workers Compensation

If you have been injured at work you should speak to an attorney as soon as possible so he or she can advise you of what your rights and obligations are under Florida’s Workers Compensation Laws. There are numerous deadlines under Florida’s Workers Compensation Laws which can adversely affect your case if they are not complied with.

For example, in Florida and injured worker only has 30 days from the date of the accident or onset of the illness to notify his/her employer of the accident. If this deadline is not complied with the injured workers claim can be denied.

Many people compare Florida’s Workers Compensation Laws to a mine field. At Payer Law Group we have over 30 years combined experience at helping injured workers navigate through Florida’s Workers Compensation Laws in order to maximize the injured workers benefits and recovery while avoiding any of these “land mines.” Florida’s Workers Compensation Laws were drafted to favor the employer and its insurance company and not the injured worker. Over the years the amount of benefits has been whittled away while the obligations of the injured worker have been increased dramatically.

On-the-job injuries are far too common. If you have been injured or suffered an illness due to your job, even if the injured worker was at fault, you may be entitled to receive money and benefits under workers compensation laws. The injury may result from a single act, such as an accident, or it may result from being constantly exposed to activities or substances at work.

The heart of the workers compensation laws is to provide benefits to injured workers. The employer and/or their insurance carrier, pays for these benefits. The type and seriousness of the injury or illness determines which benefits, if any, an injured worker is entitled to receive.

Car Accident Lawyer Orlando – Workers Compensation The main type of workers compensation benefits are:

Medical care
Temporary disability
Permanent disability
Vocational rehabilitation
Death benefits
Lump Sum Settlement
Unfortunately, employers and their insurance companies often engage in improper activities in order to deny benefits that an injured worker is legally entitled to or simply deny a valid claim altogether. These types of activities are done in order to maximize their profits and disregard the affects their actions have on the injured worker. At Payer Law Group we have the experience and knowledge necessary in order to represent our clients against the insurance company and these types of denials.

What to do when you are injured at work:

If necessary, call 911
Obtain the necessary medical treatment immediately
Notify your employer as immediately (in writing if possible)
Make sure the proper forms are completed by the employer and retain a copy for your records
Contact us as soon as possible to consult with an attorney to discuss your rights and responsibilities under Florida’s Workers Compensation Laws