Canadian travel insurance company reviews

Canadian Travel Insurance
Canadian travel insurance is undoubtedly very important both for residents of Canada and for those travelers who visit Canada either for business or just for pleasure. Canadian travel insurance is a kind of must for country’s citizens as far as according to any regular health insurance plan, only tiny part of your health care expenses can be paid out, if something happens to you while you are abroad.
Travel Insurance coverages for Canadians
Before purchasing any kind of Canadian travel insurance policy, it’s very important to know that travel insurance protects you only against unforeseen and unexpected accidents which can happen to you and your family while you are traveling abroad.

There are travel insurance plans for frequent travelers and for those who travel rarely. For those citizens who trip to other countries more than one time per year, the majority of Canadian travel insurance companies offer multi-trip plans, which insure you for the whole year and during this very year you will be insured regardless of the number of your trips. In case you purchase such travel insurance plan which will cover you only during one trip, you always have an opportunity to buy further travel insurance coverage, however you have to inform your travel insurance provider about this before the expiration date of your policy.

Basic types of Canadian travel insurance include such traditional coverages as trip interruption/cancellation, accidental health emergencies and emergency evacuation, return of children/traveling companion and even pet, accidental death. Notice that travel insurance policies and coverages vary from company to company, that’s why before purchasing travel insurance policy you have to know for sure what you want it to cover. Moreover you should be aware of a certain set of exclusions which are never covered by any policy.
Canadian travel insurance for foreign visitors
All those people who trip to Canada need travel insurance at least because medical care costs are very high here. Canadian travel insurance plans for foreigners are rather comprehensive, however they don’t cover everything.

There are two main plans which are usually offered to country’s visitors: basic plan and select plan. Basic plan cover travelers against health care expenses (doctor visits, lab tests and so o) and emergencies, dental emergencies, return of dependants and deceased, emergency transportation and acts of terrorism. Select plan in contrast to basic plan has no deductibles and covers accidental health care expenses, accidental death expenses and transportation of dependants, friend or traveling companion. Canadian travel insurance policies for foreign visitors also have certain exclusions and limitations and you have to be aware of them before you travel to Canada.