Broken Bone Negligence Claim

Misdiagnosed Broken Bones

Broken bones are generally upshots of road traffic accidents, work accidents, slips and trips etc. Diagnosing a bone fracture should be an easy undertaking for a qualified practitioner who has access to diagnosis tools and equipment. Bone fractures symptoms include pain, bleeding, blood clotting, swelling, numbness etc.

While most doctors efficiently diagnose the issues, some are proved to be negligent as they simply fail to diagnoses even the most obvious cases. Our broken bone negligence claim specialists have been providing legal assistance to the victims of misdiagnosis since our inception. We are a compensation claim assistance legal firm serviceable in England and Wales. We have noticed that these cases are either not taken seriously by the victims themselves or they do not receive compensation just because of poor case handling and inadequacy of documents. We are here to help you out if you fear you will not get the justice that you have yearned for.

Understanding bone fracture misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosed broken bones should not be interpreted as over-the-top cases as these cases are happening almost every day, although often not to our knowledge. Doctors, as we have found while handling cases of diverse intensity and nature in the past, do not make full use of diagnosis tools and methods in many cases. In many cases, doctor’s inefficiency and poor technical knowledge resulted in patient injury and even death. We can help you in such cases. Our solicitors are there to help you recuperate from the losses.

Who we are and what we do?

We could be tagged as just another broken bone negligence claim assistance firm except for the fact that we research, investigation and therapeutic rehabilitation of our clients, who have at some point of time suffered the upshots of an orthopaedic’s negligence, apart from offering legal services. Our services are:

• Complete investigation and research services

• Treatment assistance (and moral support, if required)

• Document gathering assistance

• Legal consultation and representation services

• Regular follow-up of cases

• Gainsaying court verdicts (of closed cases in the past)

We are a fully authorized law firm dealing with all sorts of medical negligence compensation claim cases, with misdiagnosed broken bones compensation claim being one of our many areas of expertise.

Have you been a victim of Delayed Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis of bone fracture?

Fractures must be diagnosed within an A&E (Accident & Emergency) department. An A&E department is given just four hours to treat every patient. If a whole department’s failure or an orthopaedic’s act of negligence intensifies your pain and injury, you should file a broken bone negligence claim against the concerned healthcare facility or one or some of its staffs. Anything you do, you should first consult with a legal expert before you finally proceed. On the other hand, you have to gather the documents that your solicitor or you think necessary for framing up a case. You should go see a doctor as well and undergo treatment if required.

Why thrust our solicitors?

Our medical negligence solicitors stand out from the rest in many regards. Some of the reasons why our clients have referred us to their colleagues, friends and relatives are:

• We provide fast track claim solutions

• We work on ‘no win no fee’ basis, which implies that we are contractually obliged not to ask for our fees before we win your case

• We have a dedicated investigation team who can dig out many undiscovered aspects of your case.

• We have compensation claim officers who can help you in myriad capacities including document assimilation, treatment and aftercare etc.

• We have the best support staff who can reply to all your queries of relevance.

For filing a compensation claim case for misdiagnosed broken bones, call us or inquire today online. We would be happy to be of any help.