Brinks home security systems reviews

Brinks home security is Now Called Broadview Security

The Brinks Company is a large security business that operates in 50 countries. It handles a variety of business and home security needs including armored car transportation and home monitoring systems.

Recently, after 25 years of operation, the company decided to spin-off the home security division into a separate business named Broadview Security.

Though the home security business is now separate, the company promises that it will still maintain its state-of-the-art systems and positive reputation that the Brinks name had.

Broadview Security is headquartered in Irving, Texas but also has a Customer Contact Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. Broadview offers monitoring for burglar break-ins, fire, and carbon monoxide levels. The company claims 1.3 million customers in the USA and Canada.

The reason that the company has over a million customers for their home system is due to the fact the products are state-of-the-art. Some people are intimidated by home alarm systems believing they are too complicated to set and too prone to going off at the wrong time.

The Brinks home security system was designed to make it easy to use by incorporating a one-touch operation rather than having to input a lot of codes (which can be difficult when you’re under stress).

For example, the control panel has a single button for contacting the fire department and a single separate button that can be pressed to signal the police and still another button for instant arming.
Uncomplicated Design

Brinks has worked to improve its home security systems since 1983 – but they still remain uncomplicated and easy to use.

It’s the uncomplicated operation that makes the product so popular with buyers. Other useful features include the following:
One-touch button for ‘Instant’ device arming
One-touch button for ‘Motion Off’ setting
Ability to monitor for carbon monoxide levels
Ability to monitor for smoke/heat
One-touch ‘Options’ button for alarm testing
One-touch emergency buttons for fire, medical, police
Back-up battery in master control panel
Optional equipment available including wireless remote, moisture sensor, and GSM or IP Module
Easy to read control panel display
Zone bypass feature

Affordable and Expandable

Another plus is that the Brinks home security system, (now called Broadview Security), is quite affordable. Older home security system used to cost thousands of dollars, but that’s not true anymore.

There are a couple of basic packages that include a standard or premium control panel, 2 or 3 motion detectors, and interior siren.

You can then expand the basic system by adding additional motion detectors and other optional components like glass break sensors, a strobe light, or an exterior siren.

The heat/smoke, environmental alert, and carbon monoxide sensors are added to the basic system. There is one price for the basic system and additional components cost extra.

Once the home security system is installed, Broadview Security can provide 24-hour monitoring service on contract. The company also offers 24-hour emergency repair services should you have a problem.

Bottom Line? Broadview offers a trusted name, simple interface, proven history and 24 hour monitoring. Plus you can add on features as needed to customize your security package.