Best wireless home security systems reviews 2016

Wireless home security systems are invisible, unarmed lookouts that its job is to stand guard 24 hours a day in the lookout of your home and thousands like it around the globe. It is really an amazing process if you think about it. The complex system is far better than the eyes of any human and the slightest disturbance will be detected and reported making wireless home security systems the greatest nemesis to burglars available. And with many advanced features such as vibration sensors, surveillance camera and self-illuminating keypads; they are a buyer’s favorite way to safeguard his or her home.

With wireless home security system’s cutting-edge technology and super fast response to threats they are a step above the more traditional alarms that people have been using. The exact statistics are not known but far fewer robberies occur in those that have wireless home security systems than those with out or even with traditional means. A huge benefit to these types of home security systems are the option of battery back up, most only run on a rechargeable lithium battery but also may include a back up for your whole system if your power or phone line is cut.

Wireless home security systems work in a unique way in comparison to conventional methods of alarms as they rely on solely radio frequencies to transmit signals. This means no wires and cables running throughout a household or installed under flooring or within walls. They are easier to set up and with most companies offering a monthly charge versus the hundreds of dollars their system is worth is can be a very affordable endeavor that may end up costing the homeowner less in the long run. And these wireless home security systems not only help with break-ins but also other emergencies and fires.

The fascinating way in which they work is for example in a break-in situation, a sensor such as one for motion will trip and send a radio signal to the central processing unit. Which will in turn automatically relay that alert to the homeowners central call center and it will then call the police. This all happens within seconds of an attempted break in, much faster than any human could alert authorities. It does it all while keeping you from every having to stress or deal with the perpetrator yourself.

Not only will these high tech system detectors in the home security system detect things like broken glass, comprised doors and windows and motion or vibration.

They will also detect other harmful substances such as lethal carbon monoxide poisoning that could kill your entire family as you sleep. Because it is an odorless gas you cannot see, you can quickly go from a headache to pass out and eventually die from the fumes. So these home security systems can be a real life saver in many situations that you may not even be thinking about when you get one.