Best wireless home security camera system reviews

Best Home Window Security Bar – Reviews.

Do you need a cost effective method of protecting your home?

A home window security bar may be just what you need. These sensors work incredibly well to deter intruders and you can rest easy knowing that if anyone tries to break in, they’ll be greeted with a blasting noise. Here are a few of the best home window security bars on the market.

GE Sentrol Barrier Bar Alarm Switch – GE, a company long trusted by families has come out with a home window security bar that works very well for hard to fit windows. This system would be perfect for basement windows or even vents. The system is very sensitive and will instantly alert you if there is a problem.

GE Simon 3 / Simon XT SAW Wireless Door/Window Transmitter – Once again, you can rely on GE to come up with a home window security bar that will work just about anywhere. This sensor attaches to a window or a door and will automatically trip if the window or door is opened.

Techko® Door And Window Alarm With Chime – If you need a home window security bar that can also double as a chime during the day, this is the perfect system. This one will work well if you have doors or windows that are frequently opened during the day and you don’t want the hassle of turning the bar off and on.

Ademco Micro Recessed Door/Window Transmitter – The home window security bar is actually recessed, making it easier to conceal within your window. This model will work well if you are worried about having ugly sensors all over your windows or if your landlord doesn’t appreciate all the extra security measures you have stuck to everything.

Skylink Door / Window Contact Sensor – For a more high tech home window security bar, Skylink has come up with a sensor that has a 100 foot range. You can add it in to an existing Skylink dialer or security system for even more protection for your home.

GE Simon 3 / Simon XT Wireless Recessed Door Transmitter – GE has also come up with a hidden home window security bar that can be completely concealed within a door frame. Again, if you are worried about aesthetics, but still want your home to be safe, this is a terrific solution. It works just like a regular home window security bar, but it can be hidden. The built-in lithium battery ensures an extra long life span for the sensor as well.