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Backpacker Holiday Insurance – Packing Along Some Protection

Backpacking is one of the world’s most enjoyable ways to travel. It’s convenient and less expensive. If you watch the Discovery Channel you can see many programs wherein tourists, mostly Americans are seen carrying their backpacks while travelling to some of the best vacation spots on Earth. Backpackers are usually on vacation for a long period of time, which is why they need to have backpacker holiday insurance.
Dangers they face
Backpackers face many risks when they travel. Exploring some dilapidated roads and tropical rain forests will pretty much put you on the flu list. However the dangers they face aren’t just limited to health concerns. Crime is also a factor here. Backpackers are like walking temptations for street crooks with the huge bags they carry. Fatigue can also take its toll on any weary traveler. So for those who love to travel with their bags behind their back, get a backpacker holiday insurance.
What is it for?
The backpacker holiday insurance policy is a much cheaper and much more effective alternative to the single trip insurance. This product offers a range of coverage in areas where the standard single trip insurance can’t cover. It also provides a high level of coverage for those who are on vacation for an extended period of time. So basically this form of insurance acts as a fail safe for backpackers.
Here’s what it covers
Emergency Medical Fees – will cover the costs of any medical fees in the event of any medical emergencies like hospitalizations and even dental fees.

Rescue – if the need arises for a rescue operation, then the insurer will be the one to pay for all the costs. This also includes the use of helicopters.

Personal Liability – in the event that you get sued by someone for causing accidental harm then this will provide you legal cover for the costs of an attorney and court.

Cancellation – if you need to cancel your trip because of some circumstances beyond your control, then this will provide you compensation for any money lost.

Money and Personal Belongings – perhaps one of its more important coverage. Should you lose or have any of your personal items stolen from you, this will give you compensation for them.

Delays in Travelling – this provides you compensation for any amount of money lost due to a delayed trip. However you must have been delayed for a certain amount of time based on the policy guidelines.

Remember that all these features are also applicable for trips which include bungee jumping, skydiving, scuba diving, and winter sports suck as skiing. It is also important to always check your backpacker policy wording to make sure that you have everything you need covered. So always look for insurance companies who deliver. Don’t be duped in by cons. Make sure your money is spent on something useful and you can rest assure that your vacation and all the time you invested in getting the right backpacker holiday insurance coverage will be all worth it.