Bad Credit Financing Gas Station Cash Advance

Gas stations need strong cash flows in order to sustain their operations and manage their activities more effectively. With the change in the price of gasoline and shrinking of the profit margins, gas station also require working capital to maintain inventories and run smoothly. Traditional financing sources such as banks and private lenders rarely extend the required business financing support to gas stations primarily as they are wary of lending short-term credit lines to hazardous or volatile industries. Gas stations can approach us for receiving alternative funding.

Merchant Cash Advance For Gas Stations

One of the most preferred alternative financing solutions taken by gas stations is a merchant cash advance or business cash advance. It works in favor of gas station owners as it helps them to receive upfront bulk loan amount in exchange of a portion of their future credit card receivables. We let the gas station stores secure business loans and repay for it by setting aside a small amount of each sale.

Deductions are made electronically in the same manner as a company processes a credit card sale. We determine and fix a business cash advance amount and charge a small fee for providing you with business loans. There will be no change in that set amount. A gas station borrower will only need to make small payments of their future revenues received on sales. Incase their business undergoes a slow cycle then we will lower the payment amount deducted form your revenues. Hence, it eliminates the concern of making bulk set payments during difficult cycles for the business loan secured.

Bad Credit Financing Solution For Gas Stations

We have a fast and easy approval process. There are flexible terms for loan borrowing as it is based on estimated revenue projections. Even gas station owners with bad or poor credit history have no reason to get worried about getting approval for their loan. Gas stations that have been rejected for receiving financing in the past can secure our business cash advance. We only require applicants to show proof of operations for a period of at least 3 months and they are eligible for securing business financing from us.

Application Process For Gas Station

The process has been simplified for the convenience of gas station owners to secure a business cash advance. All we request you to do is to fill out all the details in the online application form and the process for reviewing your loan request and determining the amount you stand eligible for will start almost immediately. You will be contacted by one our finance specialists and you will receive information on how much financing will be made available for your gas station. Funds will be sent to your bank account shortly after you receive an approval. You can get business cash advances of up to 500k and there are no restrictions on the way you choose to use the cash. Apply today and get your gas station move in the right direction.