Auto Accident Attorney San Antonio

It seems like common sense that insurance companies would compensate injured victims for economic damage and pain and suffering caused by an auto accident. However, insurance companies are in the business of making money, and profits are their number one concern. As such, insurance companies rarely treat injured persons fairly, and will employ unethical tactics to get car accident victims to sign away their rights.

This is why most insurance adjusters will try to get accident victims to sign away their rights, and will offer a tempting settlement to injured person, who often do not realize that they are signing away their rights to fair compensation. The tactics used by most insurance companies to get auto accident victims to sign away their rights, and settle accident claims as quickly and inexpensively as they can.

Often times, however, accident victims who sign away their claims for pennies on the dollar fail to realize that they are still responsible for the mounting medical bills. They may even be mislead by insurance adjusters and lawyers that the insurance company will take care of the medical expenses, which is usually not true. Once the victim signs a “release of liability” the insurance company is not bound to pay anything beyond the settlement agreed to, which often leaves unsuspecting victims to foot the bill for outrageous medical care expenses.

In many cases, the liability in an accident case aren’t clear cut, and the laws involved can be complex. Insurance companies, armed with teams of adjusters and experienced attorneys may try to make victims think that the matter is simple, and will encourage car accident victims to settle quickly, thus taking unfair advantage of injured persons.

This is why having an experienced auto accident lawyer on your side is very important. Insurance companies have deep pockets, and teams of lawyers at their disposal…which is why an injured person should NEVER try to take on the insurance companies by themselves. In fact, studies have shown that car accident victims that are represented by an attorney get up to 5 times more compensation than those who do not have an attorney.

Don’t agree to any settlement without speaking to an auto accident attorney in San Antonio first. Our group of expert car accident lawyers offers multiple free consultations regarding your accident. A free consultation with one of our accident lawyers is a great place to start.