Adventure Travel Insurance – Adventure Holiday Cover

Adventure travel insurance exists to cover the insurance needs of the traveler who craves adventure and thrills beyond the ordinary. If you’re the adventurous type, you need to consider buying adventure travel insurance because ordinary travel insurance, sometimes called travel health insurance or travel medical insurance, may not cover you for the activities you want to do while on vacation.

However, all adventure insurance policies are not created equal. While some may cover you for bungee jumps, the policies may limit the number of jumps for which you will be insured. Scuba diving may also be covered, but only to a certain depth.

Some policies may cover you automatically for activities such as elephant riding, but require you to get mission and pay an additional premium if you want to ride a motorcycle greater than 50cc. Some policies will cover you for hijacking and mugging. Different companies’ insurance policies have their own limits and exclusions, so it’s important that you examine them carefully.

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