ADT home security systems reviews

ADT Home Security…The Biggest Name in Home Security Monitoring

ADT Home Security has been operating as a business since 1874 with the acronym standing for American District Telegraph. The company was first publicly owned in 1969 and established the first automated central station in the 1970s.

This customer service center was a precursor to the 24-hour central monitoring service that security alarm companies now offer as standard service.

ADT has always been one of the first companies to offer the latest technology and options with their security services. For example, ADT first offered wireless monitoring services in the 1990s.

ADT was acquired by Tyco International, Ltd. in 1998 which is based in Boca Raton, Florida.

Lots of Choices – One Basic System

One of the main benefits of ADT is the fact you can buy a single system and get a variety of security features that include burglary, fire, and environmental protection like excessive carbon monoxide level warnings.

ADT also offers other monitors including temperature and moisture detection.

For example, if a pipe were to break in the basement and cause flooding, the moisture detection product would issue an alarm. ADT calls this the Critical Conditions Monitoring package.