A Fontana Car Accident Lawyer Says Local Expertise is Invaluable

Experienced Fontana car accident lawyers are uniquely aware of the many factors that contribute to the car collisions in Fontana. For example, Route 66 from Fontana to San Bernardino has been singled out as extremely dangerous to motorists. Called Foothill Boulevard by many residents, the section of Route 66 that runs through Fontana has long been plagued by inadequate lighting, a lack of sidewalks and long stretches of roadway without stoplights. Many drivers frequently exceed the posted 55 mph speed limit, adding to the potential for car crashes.

Other dangerous roads include Sunrise/West Liberty Parkway, with its many curves; Huntmaster/Mustang with speeding motorists and kids playing in the street; and the intersection at Liberty and Banana, which lacks a sign alerting motorists that traffic does not stop.

Fontana Car Crash Lawyers Can Use This Factual Data

Savvy Fontana car crash lawyers can use these car accident statistics and traffic hazard information to help them determine the underlying causes of an accident. For example, knowing that Foothill Boulevard is a dangerous roadway can influence how a jury views an accident that happened there. The same holds true for a poorly lit roadway or an intersection that lacks the proper signage to alert motorists of a potentially dangerous condition. This is why an car accident lawyer who is familiar with Fontana can be such a powerful ally for those seeking just compensation after a car accident injury.

Avoid Common Mistakes, Ask a Fontana Car Accident Lawyer For Advice

Consulting a lawyer who is familiar with Fontana is one of the smartest moves you can make should you ever become injured in a car crash. The best Fontana car collision lawyers offer free, no obligation consultations to accident victims and most work on a contingency basis (you pay their fee only if they win). Having a skilled car crash lawyer in your corner will keep you from making expensive mistakes and help ensure your rights will be protected.