7 Tips For Protecting Your Claim

With all the unexpected burdens and stress that come with being injured in a car accident, it is easy to make uncalculated decisions that hurt your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve. Here are 7 tips for protecting your rights and any claim you may make against ICBC with the help of a car accident lawyer in Victoria BC.

1. Visit a qualified medical professional quickly and repeatedly

To recover damages after being injured in a car accident, you will need to be able to document those injuries and prove that you have made a reasonable attempt to fully rehabilitate yourself. Visiting a doctor, and ideally your family doctor, about your injuries both immediately after your accident and at least once per month following your initial visit, is one of the most important steps an accident injury claimant can take.

2. Honestly disclose all of your injuries to your doctor

It is also key to your success in pursuing a claim that you divulge all emotional and physical injuries you are suffering from as a result of your accident to your doctor and that you don’t overstate them. If you have not been forthcoming or honest with your doctor, ICBC may use this to form an argument against your credibility.

3. Avoid only visiting chiropractors or physiotherapists for medical help

An experienced car accident lawyer in Victoria knows that the opinions of chiropractors and physiotherapists regarding a claimants injuries are given little attention by ICBC and often the courts, as well.

4. Be careful about giving a signed statement to ICBC

An insurance adjuster employed by ICBC may request that you make and sign a statement about your accident. If you give a statement to ICBC that is incorrect or incomplete, it can be used by ICBC to minimize your claim. It is important to remember that while you are obligated to give a report about your accident to ICBC for the purpose of qualifying for no-fault benefits, you are not required to give a statement regarding fault or the extent to which you were injured.

5. Be careful about authorizing ICBC to access your medical records

ICBC may ask you to authorize them to access your entire medical file. This medical file may contain details that you would rather keep private and that are completely irrelevant to your case.

6. Find out about limitation dates

If certain actions aren’t taken by specific dates you could lose your right to a claim. The limitation dates that apply to a claim depend on the circumstances surrounding that claim. A car accident lawyer in Victoria will inform you about this during your initial consultation with them.

7. Visit an experienced Victoria car accident lawyer as soon as is practicable

All car accident cases are unique. Considering this, it is vitally important that you visit a car accident lawyer Victoria trusts for a free case evaluation. This will allow you to learn your rights, your obligations, and the potential worth or your any claim you may have. After this, if you choose, the lawyer you visit can speak to ICBC on your behalf and present a compelling case to them with the goal of reaching a fair settlement.